FNM Double Masters

FNM Double Masters

date_range 08/07/2020 at 18:00 — 08/07/2020 at 21:30 (Europe/Paris) pin_drop Mighty Games, Rue du Jura, Lausanne, Suisse

The event has ended, thank you for your participation!

Join the FNM with the new Magic the Gathering Double Masters expansion at Mighty Games !

Double Masters,what is it?

a set filled to the brim with popular and powerful reprints. So filled in reality, they had to put two rare or rare mythical in each pack! In addition to the rare and premium lined in each pack, each Double Masters box will come with two (TWO!) non-Premium box toppers, which will be taken from a selection of 40 popular cards and accompanied by an artistic work of beauty. In order to continue in the spirit of repetition, Collector Boosters have been replaced with something called VIP Edition (only for this product).

For this event, we offer the following structure:

  • Price per person: 40 CHF (including boosters)
  • Format: draft
  • During the first pick (only), you can take two cards
  • 3 rounds Swiss without top
  • Rewards
    • 1st: 1 premium promotional booster
    • 2nd: 1 promotional booster
    • 3rd: 1 promotional booster
    • 4th to 19th: we will open promotional boosters so that each participant has at least one card. One out of four boosters will be a premium promotional booster. We'll mix all these cards and everyone can take one at random

We strongly advise you to reserve your place.