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mighty-games-Set Booster Strixhaven
  • mighty-games-Set Booster Strixhaven

Set Booster Strixhaven

  • Each booster contains 14 cards:

    • 1 illustration card
    • 1 Full Art base lot
    • 6 common and/or thematically connected uncos
    • 1 unique design card (showcase map or other design specific to the edition)
    • 2 random rarity cards (mythical, rare, unco or common, 2 identical rarities are possible)
    • 1 rare or mythical card
    • 1 foil card
    • 1 token card or pub card or list card (1 out of 4 booster is likely to contain a map from the List)
  • Release date: 23.04.2021

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 Welcome, students!

In just a few weeks, class will be in session at the prestigious Strixhaven: School of Mages, and we're so glad you've chosen to begin your mystical studies with us! You represent the best and the brightest the Multiverse has to offer, and we represent all the knowledge one could possibly hope to learn as a blossoming mage practicing your mage craft.

As a new student, you'll be joining one of our five colleges based on your aptitudes and desired areas of study. It's important to choose a college that best fits you, and today, we're here to help you on that journey!

  • Language : English or French
  • 14 MTG cards 
  • Set : Strixhaven
  • Cards in the set : 275
  • Choose your college at the most prestigious university for magical learning in Magic’s Multiverse
  • Release date: 23.04.2021

At least one Premium card in each booster.
They can have any level of rarity, so this is one of the opportunities for players to find a rare or rare mythical card in an extension booster.

A chance to find several rare ones.
Between Joker locations, the rare map location and the Premium card location, there are many ways to find more than one rare card in an extension booster.

A chance to get a map from the list. In 25% of cases, instead of an advertising card or token, the extension boosters contain a map of the list: interesting cards from the entire Magic story, reprinted identically (illustration, frame and extension symbol) plus a small Planeswalker symbol in their lower left corner.

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