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FR Battletome: Lumineth Realm-Lords

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The Lumineths are the masters of magic. Thanks to their immeasurable skill, they will save the Mortal Kingdoms from disaster, whatever the cost. Only the Lumineths are arrogant enough to give themselves the title of Lords of the Kingdom, but they have made themselves worthy of it by the close bond they have established with Hysh. Their immaculately brilliant companies fight with a perfect ensemble, while the devout warriors of their aelementiri temples call on the warrior spirits to grant them supernatural powers, or even fight alongside them.

Master a new generation of Aelfs with Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords, your guide to the people of Hysh, these masters of light elements and chisels. Whether you're a world veteran-who-fut in search of spiritual successors to the High Elves of yesteryear, or a new player eager to play a powerful and tactically rewarding army, this book will guide you in everything. Discover the history of the Lumineth Realm-lords through rich history and splendid illustrations, get inspired for your hobbyist achievements with a gallery of striking figurines accompanied by painting tricks, and line up your army with unity charters, allegiance skills, spell domains and much more.

This 90-page book under hardcover contains:
- The Lumineths' allegiance skills, including a range of battle traits
- 2 spell domains
- 2 battle plans allowing you to stage narrative battles in accordance with the art of war of the Lumineth Realm-lords
- The rules of lumineth band creation in For Glory, including reward tables for Champion and Partisans
- 4 battalion charters
- 13 charters of unity, and 3 charters of persistent fate
- Row battle profiles for all the persistent units and spells described in this battletome

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