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White Dwarf is Games Workshop luxurious Warhammer magazine, packed monthly with surprising content based on new rules and unseen context, plus news, features and special guests, among others.

Here's what to expect in the January issue:

Letters, painting tips, and gorgeous miniatures, plus a bunch of Titans and a Sphiranx.

Warhammer Worlds
Jordan Green steals Phil's column to talk about animal gods and where to find them.

Outside the Studio
We talk about the figurines we painted and the games we played in our habs-blocks.

Warhammer 40,000

Powder magazine: Charadon

Charadon Campaign: the Chromyde Front
The first worlds of the Charadon Sector are attacked by the Death Guard.

The Canal of the Damned
The 77th Okharium Canals Guard is attacked by a horrific opponent.

The Front Chromyde
Campaign rules for the Chromyde Sector, with three new and unique Chromyde Front Theaters of War, plus three Chromide Crusade Relics.

Fort Extremis
Master Damien Pedley unveils his latest creation: a superb Deathwatch army.

Index Astartes: Emperor's Spears
An Astartes Index to the Emperor's Spears by Black Library novelist Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and Elliot Hamer's Rules.

Paint Stains: Emperor's Spears
A guide to painting the Emperor's Spears, in Classic and Contrast style as it should be.

Ost of Nemeton
The Painter of the Army Tangui Jollivet presents his army of Emperor's Spears.

The Choice of Weapons
The famous series is back! In this first issue, we introduce you to our warlords and their projects.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Rules of Engagement

Game Designer Louis Aguilar tells us about the rules of the Sons of Behemat. We had to see the big picture.

Designers' Notes: Law of the Strongest
Sculptors and Painters' Eavy Metal talk about Mega-Gargants in this huge article.

Paint Stains: Mega-Gargants
Four pages of tips on how to paint your own Sons of Behemat.

Battle Report: Ready to Fight!
The Gueules-Tribus Ogors compete against the Sons of Behemat in a battle of extraordinary proportions, with rocks galore ...

A Baston in All Seasons
When the Mega-Gargants face off, it can't end well, as this news proves.

The mega-fight
An exclusive mini-game where Mega-Gargants bump into each other to see who's stronger!

Warhammer Underworlds

Glory Points

Dave Sanders tells us about the new season of Underworlds: Direchasm!

Blood Bowl

A decade under the microscope

Jim and Bob join tell us about the fall of the NAF, the advent of RARG and the future of Blood Bowl!

Adeptus Titanicus

War manipulations

Two Princeps discuss the tactical applications of Titans manipulations.

Black Library

A New Saga

Black Library author David Guymer tells us about dwarves, duardins, Gotrek and a new series of his own.

Chronicles of a Wanderer: Mother of Fire
The first short story in a six-part series by David Guymer. A legend will be born in the fire!

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