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Main Features Pursue victory with a powerful Ogor Icebrow Hunter and his colorful companions Give any band the potential of new Universal cards Add the band to your army of Ogor Mawtribes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar thanks to downloadable unit charters free Learn more

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Coming from a decitated and ravaged Northern kingdom, the Darkguet set out in search of the abominable entity he believes lurks at the bottom of Beastgrave. The darkguet's ghouls roam the tunnels like noble hunters in search of their monstrous prey.

This band extension allows you to include the Darkguet in your Warhammer Underworlds games. The nesting figurines, molded in colored plastic, allow you to mount your band to play in minutes, and the fighters' cards provide their profile for an easy consultation during the game. You'll be able to master the Darkguet's unique tactics through 32 band-specific maps, including objectives, enhancements and subterfuge. In addition, 27 universal cards offer you new options to customize your stack no matter what band you play.

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