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Vanguard Hunters

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Bold scouts and expert in helping out, the Vanguard-Hunters are the elite infantrymen of the Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber. Hardened veterans, they know how to use the land to their advantage. Their reckless incursions involve being constantly on the move— more than one position deemed unassailable was assailed and destroyed by a band of Vanguard-Hunters who had made themselves invisible in the fury of battle. Their weapons are adapted to their role - their heavy swords and short axes cut both brush and flesh, and Boltstorm pistols can be easily used on the move. This plastic kit includes everything you need to assemble 10 Vanguard-Hunters. They are rich in detail evoking their constant movements and veteran status: 2 shock hatchets and 10 sets of Boltstorm chargers to hang at their waist, plus bags and grapples. As an option, there are 2 arms with Boltstorm pistol being reloaded.2 figurines of the kit feature an astral compass, an ideal cabalistic object for nomadic guerrillas, which allows you to easily follow seemingly impossible routes, and thus attack the enemy where it least expects it. 2 minifigures can be assembled as Hunter-Primes - these variants have a unique ursid patterned sculpted shoulder pad, and their own shock hatchet that deals more damage in play. Kit comes with 10 40mm Citadel round pedestals.

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