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  • mighty-games-Pandemic - Legacy season 2
  • mighty-games-Pandemic - Legacy season 2
  • mighty-games-Pandemic - Legacy season 2

FR Pandemic - Legacy season 2

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71 years ago, our world died out.
The Plague, out of nowhere, spared no one. After fever and cough, followed the wounds and death.
In less than a week, almost all of humanity has died out, despite its attempts to survive and counter the disease, and the world has been changed forever.
Today we have all heard stories of the old world, of the world before the plague, before COdA.
For three generations, we have lived on floating shelters far from the mainland, sheltered from the plague.
We have done our best to supply the remaining cities with supplies (antibiotics, food, tools) but that is no longer enough.
We are losing touch with more and more cities and do not know what is happening to them.
Our leaders have also not returned from their annual meeting. Without them, refugees and the rest of the world are at great risk.
The last survivors of the refugees cannot provide enough supplies to control the disease.
Humanity's last hope...
We can't stand by and do nothing. We need a vision, a hope.
In a week, a small group of us will leave, explore the world and create a new future.
We don't know what to expect, but we have to try. The world is counting on us!
Pandemic Legacy - Season 2 is a cooperative game in Legacy format, which means that your actions and games will have an impact on the game and its hardware.
You will gradually discover the scenario, discover additional material and live a unique fun experience.
Pandemic Legacy - Season 2 can be played independently of Season 1 but we advise you, in the spirit of the game and its narration, to play in Season 1 before moving on to Season 2.

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