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Once, terrible wars broke out between peoples for the control of the Dunaias, these metal beings with complex powers. Before dying out, the thinkers of the fallen peoples wrote a prophecy that would cross time to bring about a new era of peace...

The Dunaias, these ancient robots, have been awakened by a mysterious energy. With their help, the players develop the village on their board and try to accomplish the 3 objectives of the prophecy.

Dunaia is an expert management game animated by an ingenious and interactive dice system.

On his turn, the player chooses a die among those available. He then wakes up the Dunaia of the same value so that it can intervene on the 2 buildings around him. Then the player uses this die on the central board or on a building (even an opponent's) to activate a special action.

The Dunaias help the player to build his buildings and then, once completed, to receive the gain: the Metal Flowers are a precious exchange currency, the Memory Chips allow to reconstitute ancient Artifacts...

Creating synergies on your board is essential in order to adapt your strategy to the different prophecy of each game.

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