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Necromunda - Van Saar Gang


Main Features Pursue victory with a powerful Ogor Icebrow Hunter and his colorful companions Give any band the potential of new Universal cards Add the band to your army of Ogor Mawtribes for Warhammer Age of Sigmar thanks to downloadable unit charters free Learn more

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The Van Saar House is at the technological vanguard of Necromunda, as its craftsmen and gunsmiths create the best equipment and armaments of all clans. On the other hand, this considerable power has a secret blackness - gaps in the understanding of their technology, which exposes them to a slow death by radiation.

Set up a Van Saar gang for your Necromunda: Underhive games with this 10-figure plastic kit. They are designed to provide you with a range of assembly options to make your gang unique. The whole thing includes:
- 10 bodies of 5 different models, or 2 of each, all in reinforced leotards, and to assemble in two recommended ways:
- Body 1 can be armed with a laser rifle and an energy knife, or a laser removal
- Body 2 may be armed with a plasma rifle and an electroscepter, or a radiation cannon;
- Body 3 can be armed with a laser rifle or a laser rifle
- Body 4 can be armed with a combined weapon (laser gun/fuse) and a Hystrar energy shield, or a laser rifle
- Body 5 can be armed with 2 plasma pistols, or 2 laser pistols;
- 20 heads
12 nudes, 8 cases
Compatible with all bodies;
- 10 pairs of shoulder pads;
- An assortment of grenades, pockets and accessories to add detail to the figurines. Comes with 10 25mm round plinths, with a sculpted texture that matches the style of the tray.